News: Chinese Dropout Builds Submarine

Chinese Dropout Builds Submarine

Amateur Chinese inventor, Tao Xiangli, has built his own homemade submarine. Drawing inspiration from the James Bond and Terminator movies, Xiangli's tinkering is quite impressive, considering his education came to a halt at the fifth grade. Chinese Dropout Builds Submarine

In The Guardian's video piece on the charming inventor, Xiangli says his friends and relatives
consider him crazy, and deem his venture "an unrealistic fairy tale."

According to China Daily, "...Tao's fully functional submarine has a periscope, depth control tanks, electric motors, manometer, and two propellers, from old oil barrels and tools which he bought at a second-hand market. He took 2 years to invent and test the submarine which costs 30,000 yuan (US$4,385)."

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If he's a dropout, where'd he get the 30,000 yuan to build this thing?

Thats 5 dollars he probably got it from allowence when he was in 4th grade.

By dropout, they mean he had to drop out of school probably to go work to provide money for his family. Thumbs up! Good job! very impressive for someone with no engineering knowledge.

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