How To: Stabilize your boat fuel & oil and fog out your engine

Stabilize your boat fuel & oil and fog out your engine

Eddie from the Long Island Boaters Club shows in four easy steps how to prepare the engine of your boat for the winter. He discusses the three items needed for proper preparation and makes product suggestions. Then he takes us through the procedure. He starts by pouring an additive to the oil tank and a stabilizer to the fuel tank. Eddie shows us how to attach a hose to the water jacket to flush salt water. He runs the engine for ten minutes. At the end of that period, he demonstrates how to reach the air horn, where he adds the third product, flogging out fluid. As the fluid works its way through the engine system, fog pours forth from the exhaust, giving the process its name. Once the process has completed, your boat engine will be protected from the moisture that rusts and freezes your engine during the winter months.

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